Knowledgebase : Active Sky 2012


We believe this is caused by a corrupt file in the AS2012 installation (.xml file).

Please re-install AS2012, by uninstalling and removing all saved data, then reinstall... removing the saved data is important to remove the corrupt file and allow it to re-generate. 

You can keep your "Snapshots", but all other data should be removed before installing again.

If this does not solve the problem, please open a support ticket.


Please follow these steps to make sure it validates your key properly:

1.) Enter your AS2012 key first - this is a common error people make

2.) Enter your ASA/ASE key

3.) IMPORTANT: There will be a drop down menu that ask what you are upgrading from - ASA or ASE - whatever product you have you must select ASE as the product
     (this is a known issue that should be resolved in future releases)


If you still get error messages after you have followed the above steps , please open a ticket.


An issue with FSUIPC recent builds has been identified as causing wind issues when using the unregistered version, or registered version with wind smoothing disabled.


This problem has been identified and fixed in, and is available from the Peter Dowson's FSUIPC support forum here:


Please update your FSUIPC with this version (or later) to eliminate this problematic behavior.

We have confirmed an isolated problem for some customers which results in the user-interface for AS2012 being improperly sized, appearing to be "cut off" - and we have a fix:

Please run the included .exe in this archive which will update you to B4367 and solve this.


Dear customers,

Please note we are unable to answer requests for help that are posted in the comments area of our Knowledgebase.  While we appreciate all customer feedback we cannot answer specific support requests as there is no way of contacting our users through the Knowledgebase.

We ask that customers post their issues in the community forum or request direct support via our ticket system which can be reached at:

Thank you for your assistance, we look forward to hearing from you.

The HiFi Support Team.

If you are unable to input your license key after installation, get a "License key is invalid" error, or need to change your existing installed license key, you can clear it using the AS2012 License Reset Tool.  After clearing the key, you can re-input your new key as soon as AS2012 starts again.

If a maximum number of license activations have occured, or a license is being used simultaneously on more than one computer, the license will deactivate.  If this happens, please open a new support ticket and we'll be able to reset your license.

Note that AS2012 is licensed per computer and use on more than one system requires multiple licenses.  All server access is logged by IP and machine code.

We have identified a new potential problem which appears to be caused by some SSD devices during our license algorithms and may result in constant activation requests.

We have prepared a test update which should solve this issue as confirmed by a few users who have experienced this.

The update is at:

After installing this update, a further activation request (or 2) will complete but further requests should cease.

Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience.  If you have any problems with this update or further activation issues please open a ticket and let us know.