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Wind shifts and incorrect aloft wind directions are a common documented issue with FSX.

In order to get correct winds aloft, Active Sky Evolution includes a special depiction mode called "Direct Weather Control" or DWC.  With DWC enabled, ASE controls the wind parameters at all times and includes a basic level of smoothing of winds, temperature, pressure and visibility (when enabled).

Other depiction modes including Standard and Smooth Cloud Transitions offer other benefits, but aloft winds will be unpredictable and incorrect at times.  Therefore, DWC is recommended for the highest level of realism in winds aloft.

When using certain high-fidelity aircraft including PMDG 747, MD-11 or other high-sensitivity aircraft, turbulence effects can result in stability problems and potential s-turn autopilot hunting. Both FSUIPC turbulence effects and FSX internal turbulence effects (used by AS and FSX itself) can cause these problems. In order to minimize these harmful effects, it is recommended to minimize/disable turbulence effects in both FSUIPC (if in use) and FSX. 

FSUIPC (if installed and FSUIPC wind smoothing/turbulence effects are enabled) - Edit These FSUIPC.ini settings:

FSX - Edit the following FSX.cfg setting (under [Weather]):


FSX – Using FSX options, disable all turbulence effects on the aircraft (you may omit this step if you’d like some turbulence effects despite further sensitivity issues).

These stability issues can also occur without the use of AS, however they can become more apparent using AS’s DWC modes and associated correction of wind parameters.

Recommend configurations:

Using PMDG MD-11, 747 or other high-sensitivity aircraft - For maximum wind aloft realism and smoothing with reduced turbulence effects:
-Follow the above configuration steps to minimize turbulence effects in FSX
-If FSUIPC is installed, disable FSUIPC wind smoothing / turbulence effects
-Use DWC (Direct Weather/Wind Control) within AS Options


Using other aircraft not subject to extreme turbulence sensitivity - For maximum wind aloft realism and smoothing with standard turbulence effects:
-Leave FSUIPC/FSX turbulence settings at default
-Use DWC (Direct Weather/Wind Control) within AS Options

This is a known byproduct of using DWC, which must control global weather in order to properly control the ambient wind conditions.  Since the conditions at your current altitude/position will usually vary significantly from the station you are getting ATIS from (at the surface), these inconsistencies are normal.

To get accurate station weather information when using DWC, you can use ASE's built-in Voice ATIS and Flightwatch features by tuning to 122.00 (ATIS) and/or 122.02 (Destination FlightWatch).  You can also use XGauge for visual and textual conditions while in-sim, or the ASE interface itself.