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If you receive an error exception while starting ASE and a font name is mentioned, you have a corrupt font in your Windows installation and ASE is not able to load it.

The solution is to repair your font.  Please use google to search for "Windows Corrupt Font" for detailed instructions on how to repair your Windows fonts (varies by Operating System and version).

If you are unable to input your license key after installation, get a "License key is invalid" error, or need to change your existing installed license key, you can clear it using the ASE License Reset Tool.  After clearing the key, you can re-input your new key as soon as ASE starts again.

If a maximum number of license activations have occured, or a license is being used simultaneously on more than one computer, the license will deactivate.  If this happens, please open a new support ticket and we'll be able to reset your license.

Note that ASE is licensed per computer and use on more than one system requires multiple licenses.  All server access is logged by IP and machine code.


If Active Sky Evolution fails to start with the icon, the installation may be corrupt.  

If this occurs, you should uninstall and reinstall the program to solve any potential installation issues.

If ASE still fails to start, you may have corrupt files and may need to manually remove the following folders after uninstall (before reinstalling):
C:\Program Files (x86)\HiFi\ASE