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A very common question is: What are the best or recommended settings for ASE?

Unfortunately there is no such thing. The many different options and ways of usage, and the many different kinds of users and user experience levels, can vastly affect everything. Are you a real world pilot or extreme enthusiast who has put in the many years of study and practice in aviation and simulation? Are you new to aviation, or maybe just now getting serious after always being an enthusiast? Somewhere in the middle, or different completely? Do you fly airliners or GA? Short routes, medium, long? Do you use FS9, Do you use FSX, are you on fast hardware or slow hardware? Do you use other add-ons, virtual atc networks, ATC, FSUIPC, etc? Which versions of those add-ons? All of this affects how each setting in ASE will change the behavior and the final result.

It could be said that the best settings in ASE are those which give you the most expected results as a user. The only way to discover those settings is for the user to learn and understand how the settings are designed affect things, how the simulator weather system works, what limitations or peculiarities exist with their sim/version, and how real-world weather is presented and used.

We recommend first to read the entire documentation supplied with ASE. Next, take a look at the readme.rtf and posted information on our website, knowledgebase and forums. Search for anything you have questions about, and ask here in the community for anything unanswered. Then experiment with the settings, comparing them to the documented/described functionality and your knowledge. If you aren't that familiar with aviation weather specifics, head to Google and search for a wealth of information. 

After you've become more comfortable and knowledgeable, and have learned how settings affect results, you finally are ready to optimally configure ASE for the best results according to your expectations.

With all that said, there are a few starting points that may help speed up the process:

- Depiction Mode (FSX) is extremely important and affects just about everything. 
- If you aren't sure what an option does, it's best to leave it as default.
- The default options files, for both FS9 and FSX can be downloaded here:
- If you're having a problem or getting something unexpected, it's most likely not a bug. Before you take the time to make a bug report, try exploring the resources available to you to fully understand how things work and search around to see if someone has already brought this up before. Chances are that, they have and there is already an explanation or a fix.
- If after all this you aren't getting what you expect, or still have questions about the operation of something, please let us know and we'll do our best to help.


An issue with FSUIPC recent builds has been identified as causing wind issues when using the unregistered version, or registered version with wind smoothing disabled.


This problem has been identified and fixed in, and is available from the Peter Dowson's FSUIPC support forum here:


Please update your FSUIPC with this version (or later) to eliminate this problematic behavior.

All Active Sky Evolution users are invited to try our interim beta update B651. Since this is a beta, not an official release, this is used at your own risk. While we don't anticipate any issues, we always recommend backups before installing any non-official release.

The update build is available here:

Here is the revision log:

- Improved performance of DWC write for better wind control.
- Increased speed of DWC write for quicker wind, visibility, pressure and temperature smoothing changes, which should avoid “lagging” ambient conditions when making quick descents to landing.
- Fixed problem with occasional SimConnect Exception errors in DWC mode.
- Improved surface wind interpolation in low-density areas.
- Improved surface temperature interpolation in low-density areas.
- Updated VATSIM status server URL, re-enabling VATSIM injected METARs for Departure and Destination.
- Fixed problem with Flight Plan import causing a “file lock” on a .PLN file.
- Fixed problem with Wx Config “PARSE” function which would fail to properly parse wind and cloud layers in some situations.

Any bug reports or questions pertaining to this update should be forwarded to our helpdesk at

Thanks for your participation!