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When submitting a support ticket, in order for our Support Team to deal promptly with your requests, it would be very helpful if our customers would provide us with as much detail as possible. This will ensure the highest and fastest level of customer service and reduces extra time spent to gather additional information.


HiFi Technologies, Inc. takes great pride when it comes to our customers’ satisfaction and we want to make sure that the process of submitting tickets and resolving issues is simple and handled in a timely and effective manner.  


Your assistance in providing all required information is greatly appreciated.  Please note that failure to include required information most likely will result in a delay in response and resolution.



Required Information


  • For Ordering/Billing/License issues please provide the following information:

    1. Detailed description of the problem or error message (screenshots can also be helpful)

    2. Order Number

    3. License Key

    4. Email Address Used for Purchase

    5. Product Name(s) Purchased

  • For Technical Support issues please provide the following information:

    1. Detailed description of the problem or error message (screenshots can also be helpful)

    2. Order Number

    3. License Key

    4. Email Address Used for Purchase

    5. Product Name and Version

    6. Most Recent Session Logs

    7. dll.xml and exe.xml files

    8. fsx.CFG (or Prepar3d.CFG)

    9. btstrp.txt file

    10. FSUIPC4 log (if FSUIPC4 is installed)


The requested files can be found in the following locations:



Session logs:


You can export your session log by opening ASN using Tools -> Export Logs.


If you are unable to use the export log function, please find the session logs manually in the below location:


Vista/Windows 7/8:

C:\users\username\appdata\roaming\HiFi\ASNFSX(or ASNP3D)\ASN_Log.txt



C:\documents and settings\username\application data\HiFi\ASNFSX (or ASNP3D)\ASN_Log.txt



dll.xml and exe.xml file


Vista/Windows 7/8:

C:\users\username\appdata\roaming\Microsoft\FSX\dll(or exe).xml


C:\users\username\appdata\roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\dll(or exe).xml



C:\documents and settings\username\application data\Microsoft\FSX\dll(or exe).xml


C:\documents and settings\username\application data\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\dll(or exe).xml




Vista/Windows 7/8:



C:\users\username\appdata\roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Prepar3D.CFG



C:\documents and settings\username\application data\Microsoft\FSX\fsx.CFG


C:\documents and settings\username\application data\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Prepar3D.CFG





[FSX/P3D install path]\as_srv




C:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.log




If you are unable to see appdata folders or other locations you may need to enable view of hidden/systems files.  See here for more information:  


If you still do not see these logs here, please re-run FSX/P3D "As administrator" so these log files can be properly written.  




More Information


For more information please visit:


HiFi Forums :


HiFi Support Center:


Windows Help Center:  



AS2016 for P3D is NOT COMPATIBLE with P3Dv4.  A new product, Active Sky for P3Dv4 has been created for specific P3Dv4 use.

This is a FREE UPGRADE for AS2016 for P3D users. See here to download and participate in the ASP4 OPEN BETA.  ASP4 is expected to release soon!

Many users have requested clarification on which add-ons are compatible and which are potentially in conflict when using ASXP.

We've created this article to clear things up and provide further insight into the potential for conflict.  This is an "in-progress" article that will be updated as we learn more and can provide further guidance.

Firstly, it is important to note that ASXP is not a traditional wx add-on product for X-Plane.  Terms like "engine", "injector", "script", have been used to describe certain add-ons and their method of weather "control".  Active Sky has been considered a "weather engine" for 2 decades, with the term "weather engine" meaning that it creates weather in the simulator.  This "weather engine" term has evolved over the years and it's meaning diverged depending on platform and use of this term by other products, but in the scope of Active Sky, "weather engine" refers to any add-on or script that controls weather. 

To avoid further confusion, we'll refer to "weather engines" as "weather add-ons" within this article.  Any product, add-on, script, tool or program that attempts to inject weather, control it at any level, or augment it, is considered a "weather add-on".

Different weather add-ons can control the weather at different levels.  In the case of some LUA scripts for example, they attempt to enhance or control turbulence and/or crosswinds.  This is partial weather control.  Other add-ons can provide simple levels of "METAR injection" which more fully control the weather, intending to simply inject live data into the simulator.  More comprehensive add-ons, such as ASXP, use detailed synthesis and realism modification, multiple and/or hybrid approaches to weather depiction, and use multiple API mechanisms for different parts of weather control, controlling the weather in high detail at high frequency.  There is also another class of weather add-ons which completely replace the entire X-Plane graphics/visuals in regards to weather/clouds depiction, and similarly control the weather in high detail.

In regards to weather add-ons, ONLY ONE can be installed/active at a time.  Use of more than one will surely result in conflict and unwanted interaction.  For example, a simple LUA script or add-on intending to slightly enhance turbulence may take complete control of the weather environment, unintentionally, by setting what is known as "weather DataRefs" (one of the API tools available in X-Plane).  If a program like Active Sky is also installed and active, the weather mode will become mis-synchronized every time the turbulence script/add-on tries to control the turbulence level.  This results in completely wrong depiction and loss of control of weather by Active Sky.

Products/add-ons we consider a "weather add-on", of which only ONE can be installed/activated for proper weather depiction include, but are not limited to: xEnviro, FSGRWX, XWindHandling LUA script, Turbulence Enhancer LUA script and NOAA weather.

Please make sure only ONE weather add-on is installed/activated at a time to enjoy proper weather depiction as the add-on intends.

There are also some products which are not primarily weather add-ons, but have weather add-on features and similarly attempt to control the weather.  With these add-ons, it is important to TURN OFF any weather controlling/enhancing features.  Products/add-ons we are aware of that match this description include VATSIM or other ATC network client software (when weather control is enabled).

Please make sure to DISABLE any weather add-on features in such add-ons to avoid unwanted interaction and improper depiction.

Any conflict/interaction issue can result in: Improper weather depiction, wrong or missing winds, lost aircraft position, X-Plane or add-on stability/crashing issues, high CPU utilization issues and much more.  When experiencing any problem like this, it is very important to consider conflicts and take inventory of your add-ons, ensuring a conflict-free environment.

There is another class of add-on which we'll call "Visual Enhancement add-ons".  These do NOT attempt to control the weather at any level, and instead enhance/replace certain content/graphics/artwork/shaders that is visible/affect visuals in the simulator.  These add-ons work OK with ASXP and any other weather add-on.  Visual Enhancement add-ons include, but are not limited to: Ultra Weather XP and Reshade, and many other freeware and commercial add-ons (clouds, sky, water, etc.) that enhance visuals without controlling weather.  These add-ons can and usually do affect the realized depiction in various ways, but do not attempt to control the weather itself.  Therefore, there are no conflicts.

Regarding some weather-addons mentioned earlier, which completely replace the entire X-Plane graphics/visuals for weather/clouds depiction: These can also be Visual Enhancement add-ons (combination weather + visual enhancement).  In this case, however, these add-ons are visually enhancing the content of their own replaced visuals, not the general simulator content/graphics/artwork/shaders.


  • Active Sky is considered a "weather add-on" and has also been called a "weather engine" that synthesizes and creates weather based on real data for maximum realism within the simulator, using a variety of weather control tools and mechanisms in a hybrid depiction/injection approach
  • Only one weather add-on can be installed/active at a time
  • Several scripts/add-ons have weather-addon features which, if enabled, make the add-on a "weather add-on", and will conflict
  • Visual enhancement add-ons do not conflict
  • Conflicts results in many issues including invalid weather conditions, missing or invalid winds, crashing/stability issues, high CPU utilization and much more
  • When experiencing any problem in the above categories, an inventory of add-ons should be performed and a conflict-free environment needs to be established/confirmed

Error: Crash/error on startup of any Active Sky product (FileNotFoundException referencing _nLoad)


We have had a few reports recently from false-positive via Microsoft Windows Defender where detection will initiate on temp files created by what appears to be standard .NET operations.  We have confirmed multiple times that no malware exists and have repeatedly sent files for analysis to Microsoft, where it will clear, but then come back occasionally for some users.  During updates of our products, we notice a higher frequency of these issues since it appears the previous "whitelisting" of our software is no longer valid for the new version and must undergo this new "whilelisting" process.  

We apologize for the inconvenience, however this is beyond our control and apparently due to aggressive "code detection" with false-positives.  There are several solutions to resolve this:

1) Please ensure your Windows is up to date with all the latest updates

2) Ensure that Windows Defender has been updated with latest virus definitions

3) Uninstall Active Sky, remove any "quarantined" items from Windows Defender

4) Reinstall Active Sky

These steps will usually allow Active Sky to run properly without further issues.

If the issue continues, the following steps will allow the product to run:

1) In Windows Defender, either allow the detected threat or exclude the found item.  See this link for details:

2) It is recommended to submit the detected threat to Microsoft to have them analyze and whitelist/clear this software accordingly to prevent this from happening in the future.  You can submit threats for analysis here:

If you are unable to obtain resolution with the above steps, please open a new ticket with details and we will assist directly.

Keywords: Rain, starts, stops, precip, AS16, ASP4, ASN

Related Product(s): Active Sky 2016 for FSX and Prepar3D v3, Active Sky for Prepar3D v4, Active Sky Next


We often receive technical support requests regarding the unexpected starting and stopping of rain/precip in FEW and SCT (scattered) cloud coverage conditions when rain is reported even though SH (showers) are not indicated.  This is working properly and as designed according to our advanced precipitation and radar simulation which accurately considers actual cloud depiction in sim and applies the realistic behavior/rule that precip cannot fall from clear air.  Clouds move with wind in FSX and P3D, and in FEW and SCT conditions, it is normal for rain to start and stop accordingly as occasional nimbus clouds pass overhead, regardless of SH (showers) element existing in the METAR string.


The effect is described in the AS16 (pg 35) and ASP4 (pg 33) User's Guide - Generic Precipitation Display.

AS16 and ASP4 include advanced precipitation and radar features which constantly monitor the cloud positions as actually depicted within the simulator.  The occurrence, type and intensity of precipitation will thus change depending on the existence, type, thickness and convection properties of the simulated cloud that is overhead the aircraft.

Users will experience what may appear as "showery precip" as "few" or "scattered" nimbus (rain) clouds pass overhead, so it will be normal for rain to start and stop or change intensity over time.

Steady rain will occur when the area is covered in overcast cloud layers or fast moving broken layers (typical with nimbostratus).

METARs are a glimpse in time, showing conditions at the time of observation, using equipment such as ceilometers (measuring cloud base heights and coverage) and rainfall sensors (if equipped).  The measurement location and scope is very specific and small, and does not account for change over time even as short as a few seconds/minutes.  The use of the SH (showers) METAR element is generally associated with convective precipitation i.e. cumulonimbus and not indicated in the more stable non-convective nimbus clouds. 

If you require further assistance please visit the forum or feel free to submit a ticket.

Please also see this link for REQUIRED INFORMATION when submitting a ticket:

More Information

For more information please visit:

HiFi Forums:

HiFi Support Center:


Keywords: CTD, startup, thunder

If ASP4 is crashing after thunder sound:


Users with application startup sound enabled (default) will hear thunder sound and may see ASP4 splash screen for an instant before crashing. 


Corruption of the wx download file and/or invalid weather download due to recent network maintenance.


Please try the following steps to correct this.  Close ASP4 and delete the file titled LastDownloaded.Wx located in; example: C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Hifi\AS_P3Dv4\Weather and restart ASP4, a new LastDownloaded.Wx will be created; Or uninstall/reinstall ASP4 and remove saved data when prompted.

If you continue having problems after ensuring that the above items are completed please open a support ticket and include as much information as possible including your AS_P3Dv4_Log_Export.txt which can be created by pressing the "Logs" button on the ASP4 Home screen.


Related Product(s): ALL





HiFi does not provide technical support for the SimConnect configuration part of a networked setup.  While our products generally support networked configuration, properly configuring the client/server environment, system permissions, Windows rights, firewall and security software permissions and SimConnect itself is outside the scope of our products and technical support offerings.


We highly recommend that a networked SimConnect configuration is not attempted unless you have advanced Windows networking experience.


Assuming SimConnect is properly configured and all other client/server environment, system permissions, Windows rights, firewall and security software permission settings are correct, our products should operate properly.


Common errors and symptoms related to improper configuration include:


  • Failure of ASN/AS16 to connect to simulator (constant "Waiting for simulator" status)
  • Ambients error





There are several common issues that we'll review here:


  • Improper SimConnect.xml and SimConnect.cfg settings
    • This results in failure of ASN/AS16 to find the simulator and connect to it, with a constant "Waiting for simulator" status.
    • The solution is to properly configure SimConnect.  Refer to the resources listed below for help.


  • SimConnect.xml and SimConnect.cfg in the wrong locations
    • This results in failure of ASN/AS16 to find the simulator and connect to it, with a constant "Waiting for simulator" status.
    • The solution is to properly place the SimConnect.xml and SimConnect.cfg files.  SimConnect.xml should be located in the simulator's AppData path on the server.  SimConnect.cfg should be located ONLY in the user's My Documents folder.


  • Duplicate SimConnect.xml and/or SimConnect.cfg files (usually in the ASN/AS16 folder)
    • This results in failure of ASN/AS16 to find the simulator and connect to it, with a constant "Waiting for simulator" status.
    • The solution is to remove any duplicates and ensure the configuration files are located ONLY in the proper locations (see above).


  • XPACK/SP2 version of SimConnect client not installed
    • This results in the failure of ASN/AS16 to find the simulator and connect to it, with a constant "Waiting for simulator" status.
    • A SimConnect client version error may also be seen via message box or in the log file.
    • The XPACK/SP2 version of the SimConnect client (simconnect.msi) is required for proper ASN operation and sim connectivity.  This should be installed on your CLIENT computer.
    • For FSX Boxed you must install the SDK and then update it to SP2 incrementally via SP1 and SP1A.  Once updated, the simconnect.msi file within the SDK folders will be properly updated to SP2/XPACK client.
    • For FSX: Steam Edition, you will find the simconnect.msi file under the SDK subfolder, located within the SteamApps\Common\FSX folder.  SDK installation is not required.
    • For P3D: You will find the simconnect.msi file under the REDIST subfolders, located in the P3D install folder.
    • For all simulators:  Ensure that you are using the XPACK/SP2 version of the simconnect.msi file.  Copy the file (if required) to your CLIENT machine and run/install it there.




More Information


For more information please visit:


Google Search for “simconnect help”:


Microsoft SimConnect Documentation:


ASN User Guide (pg 80-88 regarding SimConnect configuration):


HiFi Forums:


HiFi Knowledgebase Article for FSX:


HiFi Support Center:


Related Product: Active Sky Next, Active Sky 2016 - Related Version: ALL




We have seen numerous problems caused by outdated, invalid and even pirated versions of FSUIPC.



If you use FSUIPC and are experiencing any issues with Active Sky, please update your FSUIPC to the latest version using the FULL INSTALLER and make sure all weather settings are disabled.  Ensure that your license (if using the registered version) is valid.



More Information


For more information please visit:


Link to latest version of FSUIPC: 

HiFi Forums:

HiFi Support Center:

If P3Dv4 is crashing on first load:

Please try the following steps to correct this:

First, make sure you have installed the latest Active Sky for P3Dv4 build from

Next, try running the [sim]\as_srv\as_btstrp_config_manager.exe program "as administrator" by right clicking it and choosing "Run as Admin".

Next, Try a full ASP4 uninstall/reinstall and choose to remove all saved data during uninstall.

If the problem remains, and you are comfortable using regedit at your own risk, you can manually remove the blocking entry for as_connect_64.dll by removing the entry in the AppCompatFlags Layers in the registry located here:

Registry location:

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers

Finally, you may want to try disabling other add-ons to identify if there is a problem with interaction.  If you need support please open a ticket with further details.

If P3Dv4 is crashing intermittently or after weather loads:

Please try the following steps to correct this:

First, make sure you have installed the latest Active Sky for P3Dv4 build from .

Next, Try a full ASP4 uninstall/reinstall and choose to remove all saved data during uninstall.

Next, if you use ASCA, try an ASCA uninstall/reinstall and make sure to install all SP2 updates and HD content (and HD Content updates) if you use 4096 mode.  Updates are here:

Finally, you may want to try disabling other add-ons to identify if there is a problem with interaction.  If you need support please open a ticket with further details.


In some cases, running ASXP and X-Plane will result in crashing in X-Plane, usually right at the start of the flight or sometime shortly after the start of the flight.


We have identified one potential issue related to a bug in ASXP which has already been corrected and posted as 6919B update, available at our downloads page:

Another rarer issue has been found where the local X-Plane installation is a mixture of normal download X-Plane version and Steam version.  This can be caused by an attempted move/upgrade from one type to the other, or using certain "steam emulator" software.  In any case, the mixing of Steam and X-Plane versions is not supported with ASXP and can cause many problems both in ASXP and in general.

Finally, we have found that some aircraft that have not been properly updated to 11.30 compatibility are causing issues running X-Plane 11.30 beta version, regardless of ASXP or not.  


1) Update to 6919B if not already done:
2) If a mixed Steam/Normal installation exists, please correct this by either reinstalling X-Plane, or manually removing the steam-related files out of a non-steam installation, or vice verse.
3) If using 3rd party aircraft not yet confirmed compatible with X-Plane 11.30, and you are using 11.30 beta version, please use a different aircraft

Keywords: Shutdown, immediate close, opens then closes, connection issue, modified HOSTS file

We have found that certain unauthorized versions of Active Sky (including previous version for other platforms) can modify system files, potentially install malware on the user's system, and attempt to spoof servers that Active Sky connects to.

If you have installed an unauthorized version of Active Sky, and subsequently attempt to run a legitimate licensed version of Active Sky, you may be subject to this issue.  This issue can be confirmed by reviewing your HOSTS file located at:

If any "" or "" entries exist here, this confirms the spoofing and redirection of our servers which will not be able to connect.  If your system is affected by this, it is due to installing unauthorized software and the unauthorized system modifications it makes to attempt to bypass licensing and break into our data services.  Malware and other unintended negative changes on your system are common issues when using unauthorized software.

If you have purchased a valid license of Active Sky and are affected by this issue, please reset/clear your HOSTS file.  You can refer to this Microsoft support article for instructions:

After clearing the HOSTS file, we also recommend repairing and/or reinstalling Windows to clear any other potential malware/system changes that this previous unauthorized version may have installed.

Dear customers,

Please note we are unable to answer requests for help that are posted in the comments area of our Knowledgebase.  While we appreciate all customer feedback we cannot answer specific support requests as there is no way of contacting our users through the Knowledgebase.

We ask that customers post their issues in the community forum or request direct support via our ticket system which can be reached at:

Thank you for your assistance, we look forward to hearing from you.

The HiFi Support Team.

Keywords: auto, switching, manually configured, X-Plane, ASXP


When attempting to use default theme mode of ASXP, and the appropriate "From custom METAR.rwx" mode in X-Plane, X-Plane automatically switches modes to Manually Configured, resulting in improper weather depiction.


This is usually caused by other add-ons attempting to control weather, completely or partially, conflicting with ASXP and the weather mode.  Some add-ons have turbulence enhacements (XP Realistic Pro) for example, which automatically control the weather mode and certain weather aspects when turbulence enhancement is enabled, and will conflict.

Auto switch to Manually Configured can also occur when ASXP's mode has been set to Global Static, as Manually Configured is the appropriate XP weather mode for this ASXP depicition mode.  


1) Disable or remove other weather-controlling add-ons and/or weather features such as turbulence effects in those add-ons

2) Use default theme mode of ASXP by unchecking "Enable Global Static depiction mode" in ASXP Options (Simulator Depiction Options)
Related Product: ASP4
Keywords: Crash to desktop, CTD, Tower View, vPilot 


Users experiencing crash to desktop (CTD) when accessing tower view in Prepar3D v4 with vPilot Client running may resolve the issue by following the instructions below:


vPilot is using specific network ports that conflict with default AS port(s)


Change the AS ports for radar comms and http companion app to ports outside the range that vPilot is using. We Suggest 18000 and 18001 respectively.

To change the ports used in ASP4, navigate to Options\General options and change the values in their corresponding windows.  For additional reference, see the attachment images showing these options.

Since approximately the last week of October 2017, several users have reported a problem where ASP4 (Active Sky for Prepar3D v4) or AS16 (Active Sky 2016, For FSX or for P3D v3) fails to start.  The window does not open and nothing appears to happen.

We have numerous confirmations that some Anti Virus software has been blocking AS, and adding an exclusion (which allows the program to operate) will resolve the issue in such cases.  AVG specifically has been common in this regard.  Please see your AV software manual or search for "Excluding Applications in XXXX AV software" for instructions.  The exclusion settings are usually a main configuration item available from your AV software's main application screen.  For AVG, see this article for instructions:

The items that should be excluded:

The application itself, i.e. [Active Sky Install folder]\AS_P3Dv4.exe or AS16.exe
The simulator i.e. [Simulator install folder]\Prepar3D.exe or FSX.exe
The ASConnect module folder i.e. [Simulator install folder]\as_srv

In some cases, your AV software may not allow exclusion of an entire folder.  In that case we recommend excluding the module .dll itself which is [Simulator install folder]\as_srv\as_connect_64.dll (for ASP4) or as_btstrp.dll (for AS16).

Note that these exclusions may have to be re-added after updating Active Sky in the future.

We recommend that you contact your AV software provider to let them know of this "false positive" regarding Active Sky.  We have already contacted the known false-positive providers, but they require that the licensed users contact them as well.

An alternative solution to this problem has also been confirmed by a few users:  Check the "Compatibility Mode" option in compatibility/advanced settings for the AS_P3Dv4.exe or AS16.exe application, and choose "Windows 8".  This may be helpful for those having trouble adding the exclusions in their AV software.

If you continue having problems after ensuring that the above items are excluded, and/or Compatibility mode enabled, please open a support ticket and include as much information as possible including your AV software type/version and a screenshot or details regarding your exclusions.

Related Product: Active Sky Next, Active Sky 2016 - Related Version: ALL




We often receive support tickets and forum posts regarding weather displaying differently than expected, such as visibility and cloud depiction.



There are several things that could potentially cause this issue.  If you are running any other add-ons which contain a weather engine (i.e. Opus, FSUIPC, Rex?), please disable the weather engine feature in these products, as a conflict could cause errors in depiction.  Also, there are many settings in ASN that can affect weather depiction, such as:

  • Prevent downloads on approach
  • Suppress local weather changes
  • Prevent thunderstorms when CB reported
  • Cloud draw distance

These are just a few of the settings, but there are additional settings you will want to check under General options, Simulator Depiction options, Cloud options, Wind options, Visibility options, and Visual fix options.

If you are experiencing different weather than expected, please note what weather station you are directly under and what the actual weather is directly over that station.  Most times, the weather station is reporting exactly what is being displayed, even though the weather may be very different nearby.

If none of these suggestions help resolve your issue, please open a support ticket at and provide as much detail as possible, including:

1) A screenshot of the weather station's conditions screen and METAR information

2) A screenshot of the map with cloud coverage and weather station overlays enabled, in detailed mode (lock to aircraft and click detail lock), max range (usually 90, CDD setting)

3) A Log Export (Tools->Export Logs) which can be done WITHOUT YOUR SIM RUNNING if necessary.


Please also see this link for REQUIRED INFORMATION when submitting a ticket:

In addition, please understand that Active Sky does not depict weather like other weather add-ons and default FS weather (which may be using a global depiction). Expecting weather to be "global" in nature and the same at all spots is unrealistic. With Active Sky, you will likely see different weather 10/15/100 miles away, because every area/cell can have a different set of conditions and a different cloud scene. One must look all all the surrounding weather stations/weather picture in order to understand. 



More Information


For more information please visit:


HiFi Forums:

HiFi Support Center:




Related Product: Active Sky Next, Active Sky 2016 - Related Version: ALL




We have received a few isolated reports of high CPU usage by ASNext.exe/AS16.exe during the course of a flight.  Our research has determined that this is caused by system issues or interference with over-aggressive antivirus software.  The actual issue appears to only affect a very small percentage of users, suggesting that there are multiple factors involved, such as computer specs, other software installed, specific configuration, etc.




1) Run virus scan
2) Apply all windows updates
3) Run chkdsk /f (google for more information) to rule out any disk issues
4) Run sfc /scannow (google for more information) to rule out any windows resource issues
5) Ensure exclusion from any real-time scanning of ASNext.exe/AS16.exe and as_btstrp.dll (sim install\as_srv folder) by AV software
6) Ensure exclusion from ports 445, and 19284 (Pipe/file sharing comms and AS radar port) TCP, Incoming by firewall software

If this doesn't help you, please open a ticket and we'll assist ( 


More Information


For more information please visit:


Chkdsk Technet Article 

System File Checker Tool Instructions 

HiFi Support Center:


Related Product: Active Sky 2016 - Related Version: ALL




 We frequently receive support tickets regarding activation problems with the Active Sky Trial License.  




Most of the time, the problem is caused by the Client Request ID not being entered correctly.  The Client Request ID is a unique ID which is provided by Active Sky the first time it is run and the user selects "Enter a Trial License key."  


Here are the steps to ensuring a successful trial license activation: 


Before requesting a trial license, you should download and install Active Sky 2016, and run it, selecting “Enter a Trial License Key” when asked. A “Client Request ID” will be shown, which must be entered into the form on the Trial Request page exactly as shown. You must request the trial license from the same computer that you will be installing AS16 on, as the trial license will not operate on any other computer.  Trial keys can be issued once per user/computer, and will enable full use of Active Sky 2016 for 7 days. After 7 days, an AS16 license must be purchased to continue use.



More Information


For more information please visit:


HiFi Downloads page:

HiFi ASN Trial Request page:  

HiFi Support Center:

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