Weather Not Displaying as Expected
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We often receive support tickets and forum posts regarding weather displaying differently than expected, such as visibility and cloud depiction.



There are several things that could potentially cause this issue.  If you are running any other add-ons which contain a weather engine (i.e. Opus, FSUIPC, Rex?), please disable the weather engine feature in these products, as a conflict could cause errors in depiction.  Also, there are many settings in ASN that can affect weather depiction, such as:

  • Prevent downloads on approach
  • Suppress local weather changes
  • Prevent thunderstorms when CB reported
  • Cloud draw distance

These are just a few of the settings, but there are additional settings you will want to check under General options, Simulator Depiction options, Cloud options, Wind options, Visibility options, and Visual fix options.

If you are experiencing different weather than expected, please note what weather station you are directly under and what the actual weather is directly over that station.  Most times, the weather station is reporting exactly what is being displayed, even though the weather may be very different nearby.

If none of these suggestions help resolve your issue, please open a support ticket at and provide as much detail as possible, including:

1) A screenshot of the weather station's conditions screen and METAR information

2) A screenshot of the map with cloud coverage and weather station overlays enabled, in detailed mode (lock to aircraft and click detail lock), max range (usually 90, CDD setting)

3) A Log Export (Tools->Export Logs) which can be done WITHOUT YOUR SIM RUNNING if necessary.


Please also see this link for REQUIRED INFORMATION when submitting a ticket:

In addition, please understand that Active Sky does not depict weather like other weather add-ons and default FS weather (which may be using a global depiction). Expecting weather to be "global" in nature and the same at all spots is unrealistic. With Active Sky, you will likely see different weather 10/15/100 miles away, because every area/cell can have a different set of conditions and a different cloud scene. One must look all all the surrounding weather stations/weather picture in order to understand. 



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