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Stuck on Initialization
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In some cases, ASN may fail to initialize properly, all buttons are “disabled” and gray, and no indication of proper operation is present.






This condition exists when ASN is unable to initialize its database files or unable to download weather and station data from our server network.


In most cases of this issue, ASN is being blocked by security software which in some cases can be over-aggressive by default.  ASN may need to be “excluded”.


In other cases, improper path selections or an invalid installation can prevent the database from loading correctly.  Confirming proper paths selected for appdata and simulator location, and attempting a reinstall can clear up most remaining cases of this issue.


Another possibility is that IE7 or later is not properly installed on your system, which is required by ASN network communications.  Please check your IE installation, and potentially reinstall IE to see if this helps.  Please also check any network/proxy settings to make sure normal internet access by applications is available.


Finally, you may need to uninstall and reinstall .NET (4.0 and 2.0, or 4.5 which includes both).


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