Prepar3D Updates and Active Sky Compatibility
Posted by Robert Halmich, Last modified by Robert Halmich on 03 September 2020 01:19 AM
Lockheed Martin, the developers of Prepar3D, provide updates quite frequently. 

We always work to provide an update for new version compatibility within a day or two after a new sim version is released, but it may take up to several days in some circumstances.  For this reason we recommend not updating your sim until your add-ons (Active Sky and any others) can be made/confirmed compatible.

We usually release an "OPEN BETA" version of our update initially, and these are posted at and available for download at  BETA versions are to be used at your own risk and may include bugs or other issues.  We like to officially release an update within 30 days of starting OPEN BETA.

Brand new major versions of P3D, or brand new simulators entirely, are not expected to be supported, and generally require significant design changes and a major upgrade of the Active Sky version for compatibility and integration.
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