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We have received a few isolated reports of high CPU usage by ASNext.exe/AS16.exe during the course of a flight.  Our research has determined that this is caused by system issues or interference with over-aggressive antivirus software.  The actual issue appears to only affect a very small percentage of users, suggesting that there are multiple factors involved, such as computer specs, other software installed, specific configuration, etc.




1) Run virus scan
2) Apply all windows updates
3) Run chkdsk /f (google for more information) to rule out any disk issues
4) Run sfc /scannow (google for more information) to rule out any windows resource issues
5) Ensure exclusion from any real-time scanning of ASNext.exe/AS16.exe and as_btstrp.dll (sim install\as_srv folder) by AV software
6) Ensure exclusion from ports 445, and 19284 (Pipe/file sharing comms and AS radar port) TCP, Incoming by firewall software

If this doesn't help you, please open a ticket and we'll assist ( 


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