Custom Metar.rwx mode automatically switching to Manually Configured
Posted by Damian Clark, Last modified by Robert Halmich on 03 September 2020 01:16 AM
Keywords: auto, switching, manually configured, X-Plane, ASXP


When attempting to use default theme mode of ASXP, and the appropriate "From custom METAR.rwx" mode in X-Plane, X-Plane automatically switches modes to Manually Configured, resulting in improper weather depiction.


This is usually caused by other add-ons attempting to control weather, completely or partially, conflicting with ASXP and the weather mode.  Some add-ons have turbulence enhacements (XP Realistic Pro) for example, which automatically control the weather mode and certain weather aspects when turbulence enhancement is enabled, and will conflict.

Auto switch to Manually Configured can also occur when ASXP's mode has been set to Global Static, as Manually Configured is the appropriate XP weather mode for this ASXP depicition mode.  


1) Disable or remove other weather-controlling add-ons and/or weather features such as turbulence effects in those add-ons

2) Use default theme mode of ASXP by unchecking "Enable Global Static depiction mode" in ASXP Options (Simulator Depiction Options)
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