Crashing in X-Plane
Posted by Damian Clark, Last modified by Robert Halmich on 03 September 2020 01:14 AM

In some cases, running ASXP and X-Plane will result in crashing in X-Plane, usually right at the start of the flight or sometime shortly after the start of the flight.


We have identified one potential issue related to a bug in ASXP which has already been corrected and posted as 6919B update, available at our downloads page:

Another rarer issue has been found where the local X-Plane installation is a mixture of normal download X-Plane version and Steam version.  This can be caused by an attempted move/upgrade from one type to the other, or using certain "steam emulator" software.  In any case, the mixing of Steam and X-Plane versions is not supported with ASXP and can cause many problems both in ASXP and in general.

Finally, we have found that some aircraft that have not been properly updated to 11.30 compatibility are causing issues running X-Plane 11.30 beta version, regardless of ASXP or not.  


1) Update to 6919B if not already done:
2) If a mixed Steam/Normal installation exists, please correct this by either reinstalling X-Plane, or manually removing the steam-related files out of a non-steam installation, or vice verse.
3) If using 3rd party aircraft not yet confirmed compatible with X-Plane 11.30, and you are using 11.30 beta version, please use a different aircraft
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