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Beta Update Available - Improves sparse-area surface interpolation and fixes certain issues
Posted by Damian Clark, Last modified by Robert Halmich on 03 September 2020 01:13 AM

All Active Sky Evolution users are invited to try our interim beta update B651. Since this is a beta, not an official release, this is used at your own risk. While we don't anticipate any issues, we always recommend backups before installing any non-official release.

The update build is available here:

Here is the revision log:

- Improved performance of DWC write for better wind control.
- Increased speed of DWC write for quicker wind, visibility, pressure and temperature smoothing changes, which should avoid “lagging” ambient conditions when making quick descents to landing.
- Fixed problem with occasional SimConnect Exception errors in DWC mode.
- Improved surface wind interpolation in low-density areas.
- Improved surface temperature interpolation in low-density areas.
- Updated VATSIM status server URL, re-enabling VATSIM injected METARs for Departure and Destination.
- Fixed problem with Flight Plan import causing a “file lock” on a .PLN file.
- Fixed problem with Wx Config “PARSE” function which would fail to properly parse wind and cloud layers in some situations.

Any bug reports or questions pertaining to this update should be forwarded to our helpdesk at

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