Conditions reported by FSX ATIS (or FSX weather dialogs) are incorrect
Posted by Damian Clark, Last modified by Damian Clark on 23 October 2011 08:16 AM

This is a known byproduct of using DWC, which must control global weather in order to properly control the ambient wind conditions.  Since the conditions at your current altitude/position will usually vary significantly from the station you are getting ATIS from (at the surface), these inconsistencies are normal.

To get accurate station weather information when using DWC, you can use ASE's built-in Voice ATIS and Flightwatch features by tuning to 122.00 (ATIS) and/or 122.02 (Destination FlightWatch).  You can also use XGauge for visual and textual conditions while in-sim, or the ASE interface itself.

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